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What Acai Berry Product Is Best For Me?

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acai berryGrowing as a fruit on the acai palm, or aqai palm, the acai berry is one of the newly discovered wonder sources of weight loss products. This palm is native to Central and South America, is in Brazil one of the main important fruit plants, delivering inexpensive but tasty treats. This palm tree produces the acai fruits twice a year. In Brazil, they make everything out of the berry, from smoothies to sodas and ice cream flavors.

This new dietary supplement is supposed to provide the willing and paying customer with increased detoxification effects, improved digestion, better skin, lower cholesterol, may be reversing diabetes and even increasing the penis size.

Women should at least frown at the last claim.

When faced with a multitude of products, like the Acai Berry Edge, Acai Bery Select or Acai Ultra Burn, you may think that there is merit to the claims, or perhaps that this dietary supplements actually work.

Well, if you truly believe they work, there is a fifty per cent chance that the placebo effect will help you actually lose weight. The detoxifying and anti oxidation effects attributed to the supplement are actually derived from the plant itself and not from any of the supplements.

It is interesting to note that grapes and strawberries perform much better in that area.

Suggested intake ratio is about two pills per day, one in the morning, one in the evening, half an hour before the pertinent meals.

Not that the acai berry extract contains anything that would overdose you, the added substances to the new fashion drug are the source of concern and prospective liability charges.

If you want to take Acai Berry weight loss product, you can do it. To my opinion, the Acai Berry is just an “extra” ingredients to the supplement, similar to green tea weight loss supplements and other herbal ingredients. Any Acai Berry product can be good for you, you just have to look for other stuff beyond the Acai Berry.

Don’t rely on only diet pills. Always drink plenty of water and be active!

Which Acai Berry Product do you try?

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Do These Hamstring Stretches Before You Work Out!

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What Is My Hamstring?svetlana_bolshakova_stretching

When you read about some sports people sustaining a hamstring injury, you most of the time see them limp around holding their inner or posterior thigh. A hamstring can mean the two tendons that border the back space located on the flip side of the knee; or it can mean, the whole region on the backside of the thigh bone.

If you work at a job, where you are required to sit around at a desk for a prolonged amount of time, then chances are that your hamstring muscles are weaker and more injury prone than you can feel.

Stretching your hamstring every now and then may result in a better condition of the back thighs, if you are thinking of beginning running, then you will need all the preparation you can get.

Try These Hamstring Stretches!

To stretch your hamstrings sit on the floor with your legs outstretched before you.  Bend from you waist, with your arms outstretched and try to grab your toes.  Don’t move too fast!  Stretch as far as you can, hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then slowly move to your upright position.

Repeat this stretch 5 times.

Another great stretch is to find a wall you can stand close to.  Put the heel of your foot on the floor and the ball of your foot on the wall and then push your body toward the wall.  You’ll feel the stretch all the way from your calf to your butt!  Hold the stretch for several seconds and then do the other leg.  Repeat this stretch a couple more times to get those muscles and tendons ready for movement.

Running Is Good.  Walking Is Even Better.

The best way to improve your overall health and start working out is fast walking. In fact, it is highly recommended that you practice fast walking for a while, before beginning running. Running will give you a really good exercise, but may overexert your joints and tendons and this will end up benching you for a while. If you are just starting to build up stamina, injury is the worst that can happen to your workout regime.

Be careful and be good to your body.

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I Want Thinner Thighs! How Can I get Rid of Thigh Fat?

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There are several thigh workouts available at any local gym. Inner thigh exercises are tricky and there are gym machines for this, too. Very often, aerobic workout regimes are the best and fasted way to get rid of thigh fat. Paired with a sensitive diet, this regime may reduce your thigh fat in due time. If you are not inclined to go to a gym and sweat with dozens of other thigh busters in an enclosed environment, then the only other solution is to pick up fast walking.

Stubborn Thigh Fat

Unfortunately, we can’t choose where we gain weight when we gain it AND we can’t chose where to lose weight when we begin to lose it.  You can target areas on your body that you want to strengthen but sometimes those problem area’s remain stubborn!  Just remember not to give up and eventually, with hard work, you’ll get what you want.

Fast walking is nothing special.  Your thighs will burn excess fat and tone the underneath muscles like there is no tomorrow.  (To really get those thighs burning, jog!)  Put a good audio book into your mp3 player and just go out for a brisk one hour walk every day and you will say goodbye to the thigh fat in a little while, provided you keep a moderate diet as well.  After your fat burning walk it is not wise to eat Cheetos and cupcakes.  Don’t reward yourself with food!

Reward yourself by staying disciplined and reaching your goal.

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Is An All Fruit Diet Smart?

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As a detox diet yes, as a long term fruit-salad
solution for losing weight, no.

Fruitarian Movement

The explanation is very easy, the fruitarians, which is a movement devoted to eating only fruits, try to eat only fruits all the time.

There are not many who really remain fruitarians, because some nutritional deficiencies appear.   For instance, there is no fruit source for Vitamin B 12, necessary for the formation of blood cells and functionality of the nervous system. Other essential nutrients which are missing are calcium, iron, Vitamin D and riboflavin.

Many fruitarians develop a sect like eating disorder, where they regard all food other than fruit as “evil”; the clinical name is orthorexia nervosa.

The Trouble with an All Fruit Diet

The main problem is that all fruit contains a lot of fruit sugar, therefore losing weight is probably not going to happen, because you will need to eat a lot of fruits to satiate your hunger.

The blood sugar spikes, when sugary substances are ingested, when the level of sugar plummets down, you feel hungry again. Since fruit is digested easily, you will be hungry most of the time.

On the other hand, using the fruit diet to detox before a regular diet is a very smart move. Generally it is enough to be on a fruit diet for one to three days, in order to detox completely.

Bad Fruit Will Make You Sick

The detox takes a very short time, only make sure you use organic fruits.  Nothing with pesticides or chemical washes.  Drink a lot of water, too!

Remember to take some supplements for the nutrients that are missing from the fruitarian diet.

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Weight Lifting Workouts That Will Tone Your Arms The Fastest

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nice-armsIt’s Nice Arm Season!

Depending on your genetic predisposition, it is possible to tone the arms with dumbbell workout routines in a comparably short amount of time.  Start establishing some weightlifting routines!

The Secret To Toning Your Arms is Persistence

If you can manage to exercise your arms with dumbbell workout routines at least four days a week basis, then you can expect to have nicely shaped arms within a month.

These weightlifting routines need to be defined precisely, because you are looking to tone all your arm muscles and not only the biceps. Even more important than the biceps are the triceps muscles. The muscles on the back side of your upper arms are the ones that usually slack down, giving the arms the wobbly look.

The exercises are very easy. You have dumbbells in your hands, you let your arms hang down and simply lift your lower arms with the dumbbells in your hands up towards your shoulder, bowing the elbows. This exercise works mostly on your biceps muscles.

For Tricep Muscles

Do the same exercise, only the starting point is above your head. Lift your arms straight up above your head, as far up as they go, and with the back of your hands facing forward, the dumbbells are held in your hand facing back. If you bow your elbows so that the dumbbells go down to your shoulder, you are exercising your triceps muscles.

These 2 exercises are a sure way to get your upper arms ready for summer.

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Need An Energy Boost? The Best Vitamins For Energy!

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Vitamins do not provide energy– BUT vitamins of the B complex help in the breakdown of carbohydrates into 751px-b_vitamin_supplement_tabletsglucose.

This is where the energy boost comes in.

If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, or are avoiding carbohydrates completely, vitamin B and associated B sub groups cannot provide you with an energy boost.

What was earlier assumed to be one vitamin, vitamin B, has proven to be a bunch of separate and distinct vitamins.  There is now a subdivision of the vitamin B complex to properly list all independent vitamins in the B category.

There Are 8 Vitamins Defined As the B Complex:

Thiamine or vitamin B1
Riboflavin or vitamin B2
Niacin or vitamin B3
Pantothenic Acid or vitamin B5
Pyridoxine or vitamin B6
Pyridoxamine and Pyridoxal
Biotin or vitamin B7
Folic Acid or vitamin B9, sometimes also referred to as vitamin M and vitamin B12 or Cobalamin.

Yes, I realize vitamins B4, B8, are missing.  I don’t know why science does this.

There are Methylcobolamin and Adenosylcobalamin listed as the active forms of vitamin B12.  Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin which cannot be found in plant products, therefore vegans and vegetarians have some trouble replacing this essential nutrient.
Other vitamin B sub-numbers have been assigned to various nutrients, but are currently not believed to be vitamins or essential to human survival. All of the eight vitamins in the B complex are available in several natural sources, such as bananas and potatoes, turkey, tuna and beer yeast.  Quit jumping up and down beer fans, the alcohol in beer will only make you sleepy!

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Is A Coffee Diet Healthy?

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Contrary to what you may have assumed, coffee dieting does not mean chewing on coffee beans the whole day.
It coffeebeanalso doesn’t mean that you should replace all foods with coffee.

Coffee, when taken black, no sugars or dairy added; works as an appetite suppressant. The idea is to use coffee to avoid eating. Every time you feel hunger, you sip a hot cup of black coffee.

Just recently many studies have been conducted with long term coffee drinkers. Researchers found that long term coffee drinkers are less likely to contract dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits include apparent prevention from Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, gout, cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes mellitus type 2.

Coffee Diet Advice

It would be smart to pair this diet with healthy food intake. Avoidprocessed and fried food, keep the calorie intake limited, avoid sweets and all foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, fats and keep the ingestion of fibers, fats, proteins and carbs even.

If you have high blood pressure or any other heart related or cardiovascular related problem, you should probably avoid a coffee diet. Drinking excessive coffee may also make you dependent on caffeine. People who used a lot of caffeine and then stopped drinking coffee experienced withdrawal symptoms.

Nevertheless, this diet is healthier than the liquid diet, lemonade diet and similar fasting diets. It may be even healthier than fruitarian diet. The way to make this diet unhealthy is to only drink coffee and discontinue eating. You need vitamins and food! Eat healthy and drink coffee when you don’t want to snack to cut down on calories.

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How To Get Flat Abs For Summer

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Tummy Exercise = Flat Stomachflatabs1

Summer is approaching pretty fast, you will need to do something now if you want a flatter stomach for your bikini vacation!

Read more  for inspiration and advice on stacking those stomach muscles like a steel grid!

Muscles under your “pouch” may indeed be tightened.  That’s the good news.  What we put on we can always take off.  All it really takes to get those firm abs is a few minutes of abdominal crunches a day.

I suggest you do your ab workout first thing in the AM.

When your alarm goes off get up and stretch.  Stretching is really important to warm up those sleepy muscles.  Then begin doing your crunches.  Every day you should do more than you did the day before.  Challenge yourself!

To allow your tight abs to show through (perhaps even revealing that six pack you’ve been crunching toward) you will need to exert yourself a little more.   Diet and cardio exercise is what will really make all those crunches start to look sexy.

You may think that abdominal crunches are serious exercise, but what they really do is prep your body for what serious exercise can do!  To melt away excess fat, you need to burn serious calories.  Fast-walking or jogging will give that additional burn you need to reveal the God/Goddess body you have.

Fast-walking is even better than running/jogging, because it does not overexert your joints. If you want your tight abs for the summer, pick up a healthy diet and start fast-walking now!


Why Is It Helpful To Do Colonic Cleansing, Doesn’t My Body Do This Naturally?

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In ancient Egypt, people believed that colonic cleansing helped remove residue toxins from the intestines. These toxins decomposed inside our bodies by not being ejected properly and the belief was that removing these toxins led to overall well-being.

The Greeks adopted this idea, like they adopted many things from the Egyptians, and this colonic idea persisted to recent times.

Colonic cleansing can be done with the oral cleansing supplements, where laxatives are used to purge the intestinal tract.  It can be also done by colon hydrotherapy.  This is where an enemas ares performed and the colon is cleansed with water. Home enema kits are being sold for private use and have found widespread application within the adult industry and private followers of alternative sexual practices, where a very clean colon is of importance (as you might imagine).

These handy gadgets are pretty safe to use and can be employed for colon care at home.

What Does It Mean To “Colonic Cleanse”?

The human body is capable of removing all the waste material properly, unless there is a reason why the natural waste removal does not function properly, like colon cancer or by eating sharp things that can nick or damage us during elimination.  One example is of that would be with popcorn kernels causing snags in the intestines.  Most likely if it can cut the skin inside your mouth on the way down, it can do damage on the way out as well.

These small snags in the colon collect our waste.  Think of it as having dirt trapped under your fingernails and having to wash and soak your hands to get the dirt out. Colonic cleansing then can be thought of as removing the dirt so that the digestive system functions more effectively.

Colon Health and the Twentieth Century

Colonic cleansing has become a popular practice in the past few years and for good reason.  Spa’s have colon hydrotherapy on their service menu’s, colon health home kits are being sold in stores, and clean colon products, supplements and drinks are selling off shelves.  There are many products to buy and the choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

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How Does The Lemonade Detox Work?

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This diet is also very well known as the Master Cleanse diet, the Lemon Cleanse diet, the Lemon Diet and the lemonsMaple Syrup diet.  There are many other detox recipes using these ingredients that I’ll talk about further in upcoming posts.

This is a detox diet and is supposed to rid the body of all toxic elements. The duration of such a liquid diet should not be extended beyond five days without proper medical supervision.  This is because  nutrients are not being ingested and the individual in detox can experience serious deficiencies, primarily of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Liquid Fast = No Solid Food!

Since this is a classic liquid fast, no solid food is ingested for the term of the diet!  The digestive tract stresses out because of this; returning to solid food is almost certain to lead to constipation and a stomach ache.

This lemonade detox is also being used as a crash diet for fast weight loss. It is said to be the crash diet of choice for many celebrities and was also featured in popular TV series, such as “The Office”.

Since this liquid fast means you are eating nothing, chances are that you will lose weight. The lemon diet is supposed to take ten days for weight loss.   Under medical scrutiny, people have sustained on it for a month and a half!  (Don’t do that!)

One thing is for sure, you will get cleansed, because you ingest nothing and your body can get rid of all toxic material stored.